Good-bye Mosquito & Bug Trap
Good-bye Mosquito & Bug Trap

Good-bye Mosquito & Bug Trap

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The Good-bye Mosquito & Bug Trap emits a UV light that attracts mosquitos and other annoying biting bugs. They fly near the light which is directly above a fan. The mosquitos get sucked into the fan and trapped into the carrier.

You'll be able to hear the fan working and sucking all the bugs inside it's carrier. The mosquitos will be drawn towards the UV light instead of you!

INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE】: Effectively kill bug, mosquito, fly, moth and other flying insects within 20 square meters, that can use in home, patio, garden, backyards, porch, deck, portable use as a tent camping lights or restaurant, hotel, cafe commercial use.
UV LIGHT / ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE】: Our mosquito killer use 365NM wavelength UV light to attract mosquitoes and bug. Much better for health and the environment than using chemicals. Ultraviolet fly traps are safer to use than indoor sprays.
SAFE TO USE】: 100% physics electronic shock, no harm to human body, safe for the pregnant and infants. is powered by electric not as the chemical liquid. It is no radiation, non-toxic and chemical-free. Safe for human health and environment.
Easy Use & Clean Up】: One year replacement warranty. And After using and want to clean it, simply rotate to unlock the storage box to discard the dead mosquitoes.
Silent night sleep】: The built-in fan will continue to work once it is turned on. It doesn't make loud noises to disturb your sleep. The 35 dB soundless fan is perfect for babies, toddlers, and pregnant people.